Fashion Review

Fashion Review 1: T shirts, jeans and Converse shoes seem to have become the essential clothing of tide-persons on the streets. Eye-catching rock skull pattern with masticate jeans, a very hip-hop style, is simple but fashionable.
Fashion Review 1
Fashion Review 2: Acturally, chen's dress taste is very good, he has always been able to follow the fashion tide closely, while wearing two clothes to display two layers, matches with Converse jeans, which is exactly the young people's favorite casual fashion dressing nowadays.
Fashion Review 2
Fashion Review 3: Anjiao's dressing is very refreshing, with red, white and blue colors, the simple and funny pattern is very eye-catching, mathes with black dress and black socks, her dressing won't look boring, and she looks more vibrant with tied hair style.
Fashion Review 3

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