Fashion Trends in Watchband Designs

Watchband is an everyday accessory, it is very important for watchbands to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Luckily, today's markets offer a wider watchband selection which is a result of sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Below are some of the fashion trends in watchband designs to guide men and women of style.

Material - Recently, people want a watch that they can wear on a variety of occasions - for their workplace, for laid-back moments with their friends and even in formal gatherings. This need for versatility is addressed by the wider variety of materials that are now available. One may choose among calfskin leather, patent leather or suede straps for a classic look that will still match casual outfits, . On the other hand, exotic materials such as leather made from the skin of alligator, ostrich and lizard are great for a day outdoors with the family, but can also glam up formal evening attires instantly. Some fashionable brands also offer water-resistant materials, as well as hypoallergenic leather for people with sensitive skin.

Colors - With the development of more sophisticated tanning methods, the choices for the watchband color are no longer limited to the neutral shades of black, beige or brown. Today, watchbands may also come in brighter colors, including the pastel shades of rosy pink, mint green, lemon yellow and light blue, benefiting particularly those who want bold colors to accentuate their clothing.

Finish - Leather may now be treated to appear with a glossy, distressed or matte finish. These options provide men and women a chance to mix and match in the watchband's appearance, for a look that reflects their personality.